The Occult Cosmos

The Cosmos is a matrix of interconnected occult relationships - the basic defining principles are harmonics, responance, correspondence.  The immanent Godhead  experienced in the mystical stage is understood as actualising and becoming the universe through activity or power - shakti.

The universe is experienced symbolically through vibration, such as the subtle vibration of sound in mantra, and in specific postures and guestures (mudra).


Representative Paradigms (Science): Para-science and so-called "pseudo-" sciences (Astrology, etc)

Representative Paradigms (Psychology)Jung to some extent

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy):Pantheism, Holism, Emanationism

Representative Paradigms (Religion):Neo-Paganism, New Age-ism

Representative Paradigms (Esotericism) Taoism, Tantra, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Hermeticism,

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