Higher Dimensions of Space

Tony Bermanseder

from the pamphlet "Spiritual Order and Dimensions in Geometry" (August 1988)

Polarities in Symmetry are in the 7th dimension; that means 3 spacial translations (or rectangular length, width and height), 3 rotations each about one of the spatial axes (we call them X,Y and Z) plus an additional temporal frame of Time.

Rotational dimension simply means, that if you point your finger at something, then you can move this finger forwards and backwards, to the left and right and up and down.  These are the translations of straight going. But you can also turn your finger whilst you move it along any of those translations and so there are also 3 angular or rotational dimensions to each of the linear ones. But the rotational dimensions are circles with no beginning or end and therefore no linear distance can be measured.

Think of your wristwatch with little and big hands and also of your kitchen clock on the wall. Now at any time, the times are the same (if synchronised), with the angle between the big hand and the little hand being equal (i.e. at six o'clock, the angle would be 180 degrees). So the angular measure is the same, despite the circumference of the kitchen clock being much larger than the one on the wristwatch. This perimeter is really superfluous and unneccessary if one thinks of concentric circles; one circle inside another and centred at the same centrum. One measures the angular size (degrees or  radians) and nothing linear at all. So it is easy to see, that the rotational dimensions are not perceivable with five-sensual linear ways of looking at things and especially since the circle around the angle between the two "hands" could be so small (or large) as to be impossible either to measure or to see.

Contemporary science actually proposes an 11-dimensional spacetime in which 7 dimensions are contained or collapsed into subatomic space in the form of Superstrings, which are short straight line-segments curled up into loops or miniature circles.

But after 3 Translations and 3 Rotations with One Timeframe; how can we describe even higher dimensional space?

Let us define our space above 4-D as HYPERSPACE - the SPACE of DIMENSIONAL ROTATION.  We have only one more mode of movement, this mode we term QUANTUMSPACE.  Quantumspace spans dimensions 8-10 and the mode of variation is expansion or contraction (or inflation/deflation along X,Y,Z or XY,XZ,YZ or xYz).

More simply, think again of your pointed finger. You can move it straight or round for Ordinary Space and Hyperspace; but you can also bend it. Now in Quantumspace, the dimensions are not bent, but they expand or contract.

The only way you can do this with your finger is to consider it over time. As a baby, your finger, when straightened, is not as long as when you are a child or adult. This growth (or imaginary shrinking) is QUANTUMSPACE.

Now the 1Oth dimension is just like the blowing up of a balloon and that's why the scientists now propose an "Inflationary Universe in 4-D".

The technical details of all of that are available from this author  (for example how the linear limit of the 4-D universe has a radius of l.693623029x1026 cosmic metres or 17.88960713  Billion cosmic lightyears and many other such things).

Tony Bermanseder

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