The Self-Organising Universe

The universe is holistic, a dynamic interaction between subjective and objective.  Subject and object are distinct but not isolated.  Reality is made up of component units (objects, particles) in dynamic energetic feedback relationship with each other.  In the secular version of this meta-paradigm the universe is purposeless but has a beauty and order and harmony of it's own, and the Earth is a living homoestatic superorganism, Gaia.  In the sacred version of this metaparadigm God is not a static external absolute dictator, but a being Who evolves along with (and through) the universe - Process Theology.

Knowledge cannot compartmentalised, one needs to look at the whole to see the overall picture.   The emphasisi is therefore on an  organic wholistic vision.  In general there is the rejection of totalitarian (hierarchical dualistic) religions and ideologies.  Relativity does away with the idea of an absolute observer or frame of reference out there; Quantum Physics introduces the dynamic relationship between observer and observed, Ecology shows that organic and inorganic interact, and that every organism is part of a larger web of life.


Representative Paradigms (Science):Quantum Physics, Ecology, Gaia hypothesis, Autopeoisis, Erich Jantsch

Representative Paradigms (Psychology) Gestalt Psychology,

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy):Holism, Organicism, 

Representative Paradigms (Religion): Process Theology, Buddhism. and in part secular religions like Dialectical Humanism and Extropianism


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