Thermodynamics, Heat Death, and the Arrow of Time

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Journey to the Heat Death

the Thermodynamic pulse

both diagrams from Rush W. Dozier, Codes of Evolution - the Synaptic language Language revealing the Secrets of Matter, Life, and Thought, Crown Publishers Inc., New York, 1992,


Book Review

by Arvan Harvat

Out of Print Book Synergetics : an introduction : nonequilibrium phase transitions and self-organization in physics, chemistry, and biology by Hermann Haken (out of print)

This is a wonderful interdisciplinary book, covering statistical physics and thermodynamics, chaos, economics, biology,...If you want to know what buzzwords like complexity, self-organization, chaotic behavior and old ones that have gained new lustre, like entropy and information, mean- you should consult this masterful introduction. For pros-other books in the Springer Series on Synergetics are indispensable. For the layman- this one will suffice to trigger your own imagination.

accessibility - Intermediate Intermediate (entry level textbook equivalent)
quality - 5 out of 5


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