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Background to the Theosophical Meditations at Canberra's Sacred Sites

Steven Guth

About seven people meet every Thursday at noon for about an hour. The number is slowly growing. If you are interested in joining please email Steven Guth. The meditation locations are usually in the open air near or on sites that are in one way or another national or sacred sites.

The group started in the Shrine of Remembrance in the Australian War memorial. After an interrupted fifteen minutes we became aware of a strange smell infront of the huge nurses mosaic - a smell of hospitals and ether.

The second meditation was on Peace Hill. This is the somewhat neglected third corner of the Canberra Parliamentary Triangle - the other apexes are City hill and Parliament house. Originally intended by Canberra's designer to be the location for Canberra's multi denomination Cathedral it is now a small wilderness site used by various Peace Groups as a point of focus. The smell of Thai incense was noticed here

The third and fourth meetings were at Nara Park - the peace park linking Canberra to its Japanese sister city. Nara was the Japanese capital and still is the centre of important Shinto national rituals. We sat under pine trees near the lake and enjoyed the sound of birds. Yet the place was bad. In Nara park the plants are not growing properly. We felt that Canberra people are not - even at the park care level - making an effort to forget their war time confusion and antagonism. Images of the horror of Hiroshima came to my mind. We decided that the site was beyond our abilities and felt it best to tell the external link Mahakari people (a Japanese sect that has its Australasian headquarters in Canberra) about the location and suggest that they give it some of their Divine Light.

The fifth was on the lawn in front of the new Parliament house, well down past the Canberra foundation stone but just out of earshot of the traffic. We sat directly on the axis line linking Mt Ainslie to Bimberri. For this meditation we were joined by ten people who were reaffirming their commitment to Canberra's role in building the new Australian Nation, a thought they carried with them on their "Journey to Infinity" around Australia - travelling 10,000 km in a figure 8 centred on Alice Springs. This seemed to start a linking energy between this site and wilderness areas around Australia.

The sixth was on a little knoll on the green corridor linking Canberra to the wilderness area to the west. This site has been developed over the last year and now feels young, interesting and intense.

The seventh mediation were at the small peace fountain with its two peace trees that were planted just the week before our visit. The trees are Bunya pines and were planted by numerous diplomats. The site is between the National Library and the lake. We sat in little planting are on recently spread chip mulch. The lake and the other sites nearby made themselves felt.

The eight was in the living room of a house on Stromlo ridge, again on the green corridor linking Canberra to its western wilderness. A gateway feeling was apparent here. The site linked to other gateway entry points into Canberra.

The ninth was at the Bahai Centre. A new building - again on the corridor between Canberra and the wilderness. The caretaker of the Centre joined us as we sat in the main room. The site is just one of a cluster in the area comprising a Steiner school, a horticultural college, a police centre and a yet to be built Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

The tenth was behind the War Memorial and yielded to me the comments I wrote about below. Infact it was the intensity of this input that convinced me to write about these experiences. The experiences are logged under a separate page - Beyond Anzac Day - I was presented with an understanding that the Australian war memorial is a place that calls in the lost souls of the war dead - and that this process was similar to what takes place around the great pyramid of Egypt.

The eleventh was in the Botanical Gardens, on the foothill of Black Mountain. We went to the lawn area and as we approached I felt the deva of the place noticing us and asking why we came. I responded with, "Hallo, we have just come to meditate." We sat in our usual rough circle under the trees. The deva became apparent to me as young and keen to play with the children that mothers bring to the lawn to meet friends and play. The deva, a small landscape angel decided to give me healing and I lay down in the sun and went into a deep sleep. More than an hour later I awoke to my name being called. I remained half out of my body for the rest of the day, somewhat disjoined between what I was trying to say and what I said. There is more about this meditation in a separate page - Meeting a Deva - Later, a friend told me that the direction in which she sat made a difference, one way gave her the lawn deva, the other the energies of Black Mountain.

The twelfth was on Red Hill, the end of the ridge that runs along Mugga Way the Diplomatic area of Canberra. It is the head of the Mt Mugga dragon. Or meditation spot was poor (too close to a mobile phone tower.) And impressions from the meditation group were confused. I had a raging tooth abscess with a rising and elevated pulse rate.

The thirteenth was at the Royal Military College, the place where Australia's future military officers are trained. The site was adjacent to a General's grave, a place I have long suspected was once a Bora ring. This meditation is described in a separate page - Mediation at the Military College, Duntroon .

The fourteenth was in the native plantings within the moat that surrounds the new Parliament House. This was a rich mediation that was written up as - Mediation at Parliament House. Surprisingly the images I got were not dissimilar to those I have seen in fundamentalist Christian literature. My explanation of the images are different but one great similarity remains ... something is going on around the new Parliament House and it may be (some would say is) going to be important in the future of the world. It appears to have something to do with the end of the old age and the coming of the new. Or to put it another way, the building seems to be a location for evil to manifest from which ultimate good will come.

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