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"Angel Houses" can be constructed by geomantic actions and/or mediation. Perhaps devas construct them for themselves over points of Geomantic energy - just like snails make their own shells. They can also be created by ritual. The piece below shows C.W. Leadbeater at his best. The quote comes from his book The hidden life in Freemasonry first published in 1926 by the Theosophical Publishing House Adyar, India. Pages 342 to 345.


After some further singing the RWM rose from His throne and , extending His arms upwards, commenced a mighty invocation, in which, after He had sung the first sentence, all the Angels and the two W.W.s joined. Then the three officers and all the Angels turned sharply to the north, and joined in chanting a longer invocation, as a result of which two other Angels appeared, completing the third square. But these two were cosmic Angels, of types which are not limited to one solar system: so that now all the nine Angelic Orders were represented: and when they had outlined their square of golden light we had before us on the floor a fiery delineation of the forty-seventh proposition of the first book of Euclid.

Again the Angels wove their lines of light, but this time throwing them upwards into the air, so that upon each of the three squares they erected a pyramid, and upon the original central triangle a tetrahedron. They then threw their lines downward into the earth, and thus produced a set of inverted pyramids. The entire figure was thus a nest of four prisms (one hexahedron and three octahedra), the floor upon which the Angels stood representing the central plane. A "bird's eye view" is illustrated.


Having thus built for themselves a temple of this strange form, the Angels proceeded to perform a most interesting ceremony inside it. They moved in a wonderful choric dance, arranging themselves in various figures much as Adepts do at the Weak ceremony, which I have described in "The Masters and the Path" though the figures are not the same. They made a seven-pointed star, a swastika, a cross, and many other figures, but it was very difficult to see them on account of the dazzling radiations of coloured fire from the points of the figure. After many such changes they all joined in a sort of hymn - a most marvellous outburst on music, in which the voices pealed out like trumpet calls, like the chiming of mighty bells. The multi-prismatoidal temple was transparent like crystal, and yet somehow permeated with fire, so that in watching it one realised the meaning of the strange description in the Revelation of a sea of glass mingled with fire.

As the angelic chorus swelled out, the glow of this temple grew brighter and brighter, and lines of dazzling light shot out into the empyrean, bearing messages and greetings to worlds far way in space. And unmistakably there came a response to this wonderous call - even many responses. Strange to us beyond all words in magnetism and in feeling were these replies from other worlds; but they WERE replies there was no question. Some came from other planets of our system: others just as surely came from worlds of which we at present know nothing.

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