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Steven and Kathrine share some thoughts after a visit to China

Kwan Yin in the Khan Yin peoples park - click for better resolution image
One of 100 statues of Kwan Yin in the Khan Yin peoples park near the Canton river. The central statue was bronze and was enspelled with energy to confuse the British prior to the take over of Hong Kong by the Chinese in 1997. It was in the key place western location in the building and radiated out a ley line towards Hong Kong.

We stayed for a week at Zhuhai, Kathrine speaks several Chinese dialects and can -read and write Chinese. Zhuhai abuts Macau and is just across the Pearl river from Hong Kong but it is China - I was the only European Kathrine saw all week.

A sacred place? One would hardly think so. But than stop and think why are Hong Kong, Macau and Canton so successful. What is it that works for the cities in the area? Curious I let myself drift a dowser's "knowing" of place.

1 soon came to an understanding that the Pearl river (which runs up to the edges of Tibet) pulses with energy. There is an inflow and outflow of river energy with the tides, the sun and the moon. When 1 was there high tide was in the middle of the night and boy, could you feel it - who could sleep with all that energy? It was time to work! In Australia we don't have any rivers, the Murray is a creek. Here ground energies dominate. Another difference between Australia and China is the philosophy that ensouls people's daily lives. China is Taoist with ancestors interwoven into everyday events. To a Taoist everything just is, and we humans are a part of all this (a position not far removed from the new age environmentalist conceptualisations) but China is back in the 1950's in terms of pollution consciousness and concepts of personal development. Its very different to any other place on the planet, how different is hard to believe.

All these variables make living in China very different, life there is soft and vigorous, like the tip growth of a bamboo. While living in Australia is hard and brittle, like old wood on a wattle tree. In China there is growth in Australia there is gravity.

Geomancy and Feng Shui in China - a matter of Government Policy.

In China the Lopan (the Geomancers compass used for sighting lines of energy) is important because lines of sight carry significant energies. In part, this is because the Government does important Feng Shui work. Pagodas are built to line.up with roads, tall buildings are erected to block Chi lines when change is required. And huge monuments are constructed to exert magic for political ends.

Near Canton is a hill with a seven story golden Khan Yin, set in 100 acres of parkland complete with an associated temple, ponds and a mountain peak pagoda. All this was built in 1993. Visiting, 1 wondered why this huge monkless place of worship was erected by a Communist government which punishes religious practice. Standing on one of the interconnected fey lines 1 developed an awareness that the whole development had political, not religious intent. The complex was built and tuned (by whom?) to confuse British Politicians and bureaucrats in Hong Kong during the final negotiations before the 1997 handover.

The Place where modern China was Born Sun Yet-sen's birthplace, a fishing village a few kilometres upstream from Zhuhai. It so fascinated me that 1 returned for a second visit. Restored as a historical viligge it contains the little 3 room cottage which was his birthplace. The house was magical. Peaceful, strong, harmonious it contained a strong emanation of the local landscape angel - a Kwan Yin like being of major proportions who the Zhuhai population revers as the symbol of the district. (in these communist days Kwan Yin has become a maiden holding aloft a white pearl.) Who was Sun Yet-sen? He was the father of modern China, his international fund raising and scuttle diplomacy - London, Japan, Honolulu, America - led to the downfall of the Manchu dynasty and the creation of the first western style Government in China. In 1912 he became the first president of the republic of China, he died in 1925 having passed effective power onto Chiang Kai-shek.

Sun Yet-sen's birthplace has taught me several lessons. One, angels come to the birth of important people and two, angels leave their presence behind. I wonder if in a place called Bethlehem there is a stable with a similar feeling? A Canberra - China connection Years ago Colin Bloy (the creator of the world wide Fountain Meditation groups) spent half a day with me as we wandered around Canberra. Colin was curious to see Chinese things in Canberra ... perhaps because he had spent many years in China selling printing ink for a British organisation he referred to as "the Company" (mi6). We looked over the Embassy, an ugly dead building, and wandered around Parliament House.

Outside, on the building's east - west axis sat, facing each other, two Chinese lions carved in shinning crystalline marble, a gift from the Chinese government in 1994. These Colin declared enspelled. Revisiting them a few weeks ago 1 found that one dowsed positive and the other negative and between them there was a figure "8", an infinity sign, centred on the axis line which runs to the fountain in the middle of Parliament House above which flies the Australian flag. 1 found no spell. The lions sat on guard, watching ... and waiting to be programmed by their makers when required.

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