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Devas and Men

A compilation of Theosophical Studies on the Angelic Kingdom.
Southern Centre of Theosphy. Robe S.A. Australia.
Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar. India.

For Students of Ecognosis - for those struggling to find useful explinations of what is happening on our planet - Devas and Men is a significant but difficult book.

As a compulation of the relevent material from about 30 authors and 50 books and articles its depth and breadth of material is incrediable. With 386 hard cover pages and Indian publiction prices the book is a worthwhile reference tome.

The index reflects its Theosphical oreintation. Some Chapter headings.#Nature Spirits of earth, water, air and fire. # Lesser and Higher Angels. # Man - the Form Bulder. #Co-operation. # Healing and Good Health. # Ceremony - Music and Colour. Authors refered to range from perannuals like Leadbeater, Bailey, Blavatsky and Hodson to unknowns like C. Codd, C. Scott and B. de Zirkoff.

The book has its problems. Articles are attributed to publications by the use of column codes. This irratates. The serious student may find the patchwork quilt of often dissimilar quotes hard to follow even though a brave attempt has been made to tie it all together with editoral comments.

The English of the quotes is Victorian, woody and dense. I have used quotes from this book as part of the essay Understanding Devas and felt obliged to rewrite the material to give readers unfarmiliar with Theosophical usage access. IF you can't handle archic forms and gender baised writings leave this book alone.

But those who place this book on their shelves will find it a worthy companion for their Ecgonistic travels. You may need to search but you will find answers to many issues that present themselves during mediation or at visits to significant sites. The book is a major esoteric work, its contents may take you years to unlock.

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