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The Kheper Encyclopaedia

Science, Esotericism, Psychology, Philosophy, Evolution, Posthuamnism, Consciousness, Transformation, and Reality

still under construction

Editors Note:
The Kheper Encyclopaedia (working title) is a new and still under construction project. It is inspired by the confluence of a number of different projects I have been working on, and topics I have been exploring.

Among these is a version of the Encyclopaedia Galactica I have been compiling. This is not a "serious" (non-fiction) encyclopaedia, but rather part of the Orion's Arm Science Fiction Project, which presents details regarding a hypothetical transhuman/posthuman future. Nevertheless, a few people have been using the Encyclopaedia Galactica as an actual reference. This made me think that an proper Encyclopaedia of this sort (or something similar) might be useful.

Another project is the establishment of a Universal system of Esoteric Knowledge, or at least the foundations thereof (as this is still really a work in progress).

Then there is the need for a good, critical, and reasonably comprehensive summary/review of different topics, including many different fields of knowledge, such as new explorations in science (complexity theory, ai and alife, etc), futurism, metaphysics, and more.

One can also explore and seek to establish a Universal system of Knowledge in general (Aristotle, Averroes, Avicenna, Maimonides, the Chinese Taoists and Neoconfucians, the Rennaisance Philosophers, Arthur M. Young, William Irwin Thompson...), including Esoteric Knowledge (S.L. Mathers, H.P.Blavatsky...), a universal system of the physical (physics/chemistry/biology/sociobiology, etc) and social sciences (Edward Haskell, Oliver Reiser, Eric Jantsch...), as well as psychology, religion, and mysticism (William James, Huston Smith, Ken Wilbur...). Add to this the new paradigms presented by Steven Guth and myself concerning "ecognosis", "astrognosis" and evolutionary gnosis, and new explorations of revolutionary (but plausible) science (David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Jack Sarfatti...), and you are well on the way towards a new approach to understanding the cosmos.

Then there is the fascinating subject of evolution - where we have come from, and where we are going (And how can we know where we are going, if we don't know where we have come?). Four billion years of evolution (Darwin, Huxley, Mayr, G.G.Simpson, S.J. Gould, Conway Morris....) brought us, and all life on Earth, here. It is, truely, the Greatest Story Ever Told. And right now, the human race, and the Earth as a whole, has reached a point of vast transition, as a new world (Vernor Vinge, John Smart,...) is being born from the incredibly advanced technologies that are emerging and will emerge in the coming decades (Ray Kurzweil, Eric Drexler, Hans Morovec,...), while nature is suffering a catcylsmic decline of biodiversity through man's exploitation (Rachel Carson, Paul Elrich, Edward O Wilson...). It is the end of nature (Bill McKibben...), technology out of control (Kevin Kelly...), the rise of the global brain (Teilhard de Chardin, Peter Russell...) and the beginning of posthumanity (Max More, Anders Sandberg...).

It is necessary in this new world to incorporate science and esotericism, to have new holistic insights (Goethe, Rudolph Steiner,...), a clearer approach to the human (and other biological) energy field (Barbara Brennan, Mantak Chia...), and spiritual teachings that don't deny the physical universe but seek to transform and divinise it, as the spiritual-esoteric counterpart of the technological singularity of Vinge and transhumanism (Isaac Luria, Sri Aurobindo and Mirra...). We also have to plot the relationship of the different planes and subplanes of consciousness (Theon, Leadbeater...), as a sort of global map of consciousness and reality, and a new understanding of the way spiritual forces manifest upon and in the physical.

All these subjects, and more, will, it is hoped, be covered in this Encyclopaedia

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