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The Age of Man (Homozoic) - the immature Noosphere

Homozoic is a word I made up to define the present transitional age - "The age of human life".   Homozoic also means "age of same life", an ironically coincidental or synchronistic reference to the impact of global monoculture on once diverse ecosystems (clearing the Amazon rainforest to make pastures for beef cattle for example). 

The Homozoic age is characterized by the development of the Noosphere; the growth of knowledge, ideas, culture, art, science, inventions, discoveries; in a word, civilisation.  Civilisation pertains to the development of the Noosphere, the actualisation of the mental being in the mundane physical plane, cilminating in the development of the Technosphere, the birth of autonomous silicon (or some other) life forms created through the enginuity of man.  But as well as the wonders of knowledge and culture, there is a negative side to the human species that cannot be denied or ignored. 

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