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The Moon Condition

(The Moon Stage of the Earth Era)

Sun recapitulation
Earth condition

The following description of the "Saturn Metamorphosis" is by Paul E. Chu, from his book Life before Birth - Life on Earth, Life after Death.

In the third small cycle, a short higher repetition of Old Moon follows. The astral body is added by the Spirits of Motion who guide its second metamorphosis. The first rudiments of a nervous system is integrated into the evolving organism by the Hierarchies. The entities of man divide into two groups.

"Higher man and lower man followed separate paths at first. Lower man, at the repetition of the Moon cycle, is a being midway between man of today and an animal.

The plants stand midway between the animal and plant nature of today and the minerals only half bear their lifeless character of today, while for the rest they are still half plants." (Cosmic Memory, p.211).

Other spiritual beings who cannot work in the further densifying warmth-air-water state, separate from the remaining Earth and take their forces and substances along to form the beginning of our present planet Mars.

Later in this cycle, the Fire Spirits and higher beings separate the sun from the remaining Earth body. These higher Beings cannot work at the slow tempo connected with Earth of this period. The astral body can then become imprinted on the human entity.

"During the last half of this third cycle, the minerals harden, the plants gradually lose the animal character of their sensibility and out of the uniform species of animal man, there develop two classes. One of these remains on the level of animality while the other is subjected to a division of the astral body into two parts. The lower part of the astral body continues to be the carrier of the emotions, while the higher part attains a certain independence so that it can exercise a kind of mastery over the lower members: the physical body, etheric body and the lower astral body."

The spiritual hierarchies work actively in these members of man and it is their activity which produce wisdom, movement, form, personality, etc. in the physical body, etheric body and astral body throughout the cosmic epochs. These members gain greater and greater perfection and development so that they can be used by man.
[Chu, pp.95-6]


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