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The Saturn epoch recapitulation

(The Saturn Stage of the Earth Era)

Sun recapitulation

The following description of the "Saturn Metamorphosis" is by Paul E. Chu, from his book Life before Birth - Life on Earth, Life after Death.

A short, higher cycle of Old Saturn evolution takes place. It was now necessary that the form and figure of man be changed so that objective consciousness, instead of the previously developed pictorial consciousness, become possible. At the end of the preceding Old Moon evolution, the physical body was adapted to only a picture consciousness.

The higher Beings work on the physical bodily forces of man alone. They transform or metamorphose the forces of the physical body of man for the fourth time. Wisdom is inherent since the end of Old Moon. The physical body, condensing to as far as the astral in this period, becomes the most perfect of the members of man's being.

At the end of this cycle, certain beings who had remained behind in the old Saturn stage, leave the unified Earth body and take their substances with them, to form the beginning of our planet Saturn. There they can best carry on their activity in a warmth ether state.

"In this first period, there is only the human realm existing as physical forces. The sensory organs, eyes, ears, etc. have their origin in this period." (See Occult Science and Cosmic Memory for details). At the end, all the Beings pass into a higher form of existence. [Chu, p.94]


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