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The Sun epoch recapitulation

(The Sun Stage of the Earth Era)

Saturn recapitulation
Moon recapitulation

The following description of the "Saturn Metamorphosis" is by Paul E. Chu, from his book Life before Birth - Life on Earth, Life after Death.

In a second small cycle, a short repetition of Old Sun follows on a higher level, during which the etheric body is worked on by the Hierarchies, and undergoes its third metamorphosis, preparing for the entry of the fourth member of man's being. "Organs of growth, nourishment and reproduction have their beginning. The physical human body is a system of glands." (Cosmic Memory, p.231).

In this period other spiritual beings who cannot work in the further densifying fire-air state, leave the remaining Earth and form the beginning of our present planet Jupiter.

The fiery-gaseous condition of the old Sun recapitulation is the earliest condition to which physical astronomy can theorize as to the origin of the solar system, but they cannot reach into the activities of the Spiritual Hierarchies who were fashioning the foundations of man's physical body and etheric body at that time.


Anthroposophical Cosmology
Anthroposophical Cosmology

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