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From Struggle to Harmony

The Intermixture of Forces

It is...the nature and claim of any Force in the manifestation to be, to survive, to effectuate itself wherever possible and as long as possible, and it is therefore that in a world of Ignorance all is achieved not only through a complexus but through a collision and struggle and intermixture of Forces. But for this highest evolution it is essential that all mixture of lgnorance with Knowledge should be abolished;
The Life Divine (10th ed.), , p.942-3

This intermixture of forces is what defines the psychic and (lower) spiritual realms, and what makes them so beguiling and misleading. The Intermediate Zone for example gets its power precesely from such a mixture of Light and Dark, Truth and Ignorance. But the Integral transformation requires only the Light or Knowledge; the half-teachings of the Intermediate Zone and those gurus, religions and spiritual paths inspired by them are inadequate.

and action and evolution through strife of forces must be replaced by an action and evolution through a harmony of forces: but this stage can only be reached by a last strife and an overcoming of the powers of Ignorance by the powers of Light and Knowledge.
The Life Divine (10th ed.), , p.943

This position is almost "messianic" or "apocalyptic" in its orientation (albeit in the best possible way); the current world of strife must be replaced by a world of harmony. This is what the supramental transformation is all about. Tikkun, reversing the effect of the "fall", The Divinisation Of Matter. Although this is only achieved by a final struggl;e and overcoming of the last resistance.

That resistance of course extends down through the various levels of being, hence an integral transformation of every level of the being is required.

Elsewhere, speaking of the supramental transformation, Sri Aurobidno says:

...The presence of the liberated and now sovereign supramental light and force at the head of evolutionary Nature might be expected to have its consequences in the whole evolution. An incidence, a decisive stress would affect the life of the lower evolutionary stages; something of the light, something of the force would penetrate downwards and awaken into a greater action the hidden Truth-Power everywhere in Nature. A dominant principle of harmony would impose itself on the life of the Ignorance; the discord, the blind seeking, the clash of struggle, the abnormal vicissitudes of exaggeration and depression and unsteady balance of the unseeing forces at work in their mixture and conflict, would feel the influence and yield place to a more orderly pace and harmonic steps of the development of being, a more revealing arrangement of progressing life and consciousness, a better life-order. A freer play of intuition and sympathy and understanding would enter into human life, a clearer sense of the truth of self and things and a more enlightened dealing with the opportunities and difficulties of existence. Instead of a constant Intermixed and confused struggle between the growth of Consciousness and the power of the Inconscience, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, the evolution would become a graded progression from lesser light to greater light; in each stage of it the conscious beings belonging to that stage would respond to the inner Consciousness-Force and expand their own law of cosmic Nature towards the possibility of a higher degree of that Nature.
The Life Divine (10th ed.), , p.969

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