The WORLD CLOCK - Synthesis Of Systems

World Clock Synthesis Nine Chakra Model

by Richard Haider

This Posits a number of chakras, each associated with a psychospiritual drive.  There are 12 drives overall, nine within the body; following a numerological matrix. Assigned names for chakras remain flexable, however it is easy enought to fit them in:

chakra system as presented here chakra position Richard Haider's 12 drives
uppermost Sahasrara surrounding life-field Drive 22: Illumination, Synergy Fulfillment. Enlightenment. 
upper Sahasrara 
(or Guru chakra)
surrounding field, exiting head Drive 11: Universal Transformation, Integration with All That Is. 
lower Sahasrara 
(Nirvana chakra)
crown of head Drive 9: Attainment, Inner Guidance and Instruction,
Ajna brow/forehead Drive 8: Personification Manifested, Control over the Process of Manifestation. 
Lalata throat Drive 7: Self Expression and Personal Sovereignty
Vishuddha upper chest Drive 6: Structure or Purpose.
Anahata heart Drive 5: Love & Creativity (Care-Respect-Knowledge)
Manas/Surya solar plexus Drive 4: Thought, Reason and Reflection.
Manipura navel Drive 3: Feelings Received and Directly Experienced.
Swadhisthana lower abdomen Drive 2: Nourishment and Sensations.
Muladhara genitals, base Drive 1: Basic Survival and Security
lover Muladhara surrounding field entering root Drive 0: Reintegration thru Universal Energy. Truth - Love - Unity

see Richard Haider's page for the colour gif of these chakras.

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