The Transpersonal Chakras

The Chakras above the crown could be designated transpersonal (although this term has a number of different meanings, and often equated with higher vibrations of Light and Sound.  In some cases the Sahasrara chakra is equated with the crown of the head and is therefore transitional - either the highest personal or the lowest transpersonal chakra.  In other instances it is located above the head, and one (or more?) interemediate chakras are placed between the crown and the Sahasrara.

Both the original Radha Soami (Sant Mat) and Ann Ree Colton refer to six lower chakras (Muladhara to Ajna), which are personal and associated with the body or microcosm (pinda in Sant Mat), and six higher chakras, beginning with the Sahasrara chakra , corresponding to the higher stream of Light and Sound.

A New Age description of Higher Chakras

Recently there has been a New Age development of the Transpersonal Chakra thesis that seems quite profound (originally at "ACTIVATION OF THE TWENTY CHAKRA SYSTEM WITH LIGHT BODIES" - no longer on-line - Wayback Machine Internet Archive ).  The following is quoted from the web page (in bold type), together with my own interpretation:

The chakras are: Earth Star, Link, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Thymus, Throat, Third Eye, Frontal, Causal, Crown, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, then into One Chakra, One Body.

Comment: This series clearly overlaps, but is not synonymous with, the standard Base to Crown sequence.  The lower chakras (beneath the Base chakra) would be "yin transpersonal" and link one to the Earth, the higher ones (above the Crown (top of head) chakra) would be "yang transpersonal" and link to the Cosmos

Then through the Universal Gateway, Cosmic Gateway and One Chakra and One Body.

Comment: Another reference to the "yang transpersonal" chakras

Then we move through the Light Bodies which have no sound that we make, but the Celestial Sound within each, The Blue Light Body which transmutes the physical and etheric blueprint.

Comment: This "Blue Light Body" seems similiar to (if not the same as) Barbara Brennan's "Etheric Template", which is the higher octave of the etheric body.

The Violet Light Body which transmutes the emotional and mental bodies moving 5th Dimensional.

Comment: This and the following might be similiar to or same as Barbara Brennan's "Celestial Body", which is the higher octave of the emotional body.

Then the White Light Body, merging all into Divine Light, the creative fields of energy into synchronzistic resonance, the masters vibration.

Then the Gold Light Body, your true essence, solar self and ascension through the Central Sun.

Comment: Barbara Brennan's "Ketheric Template" is the highest personal level (apart from the mysterious "eigth" and "ninth" bodies), and is gold in colourm, and carries the impressions of past lives.  It is equivalent to the Theosophical Causal body.  Alternatively it might be a higher octave of Ketheric body, there is really no way to tell from the limited info available.

The "Central Sun" is a Theosophical idea, a sort of divine super sun at the center of our galaxy.  Of course there is no evidence for such an object, just the oppsoite, it is believed by astronomers that there is actually a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy.  The Central Sun symbolically however can be taken to represent the Noetic/Atzilutic reality.  Or even the Manifest Godhead or Truth Consciousness, the Aurobindoan "Supermind" which Sri Aurobindo describes using the imagery of the sun.  However, I think the former option is more likely.

Wayback Machine archived page EVENSTAR CREATIONS - ACTIVATION OF THE TWENTY CHAKRA SYSTEM WITH LIGHT BODIES for archived page of the original text.  You need to buy the booklet to get the complete thing.  The booklet contains a mandala for each chakra, and gives its sound and description of how to use, as well as other techniques.  I don't have the booklet so I cannot vouch for the validity of the techniques.

More on the Transpersonal Chakras

external link Reiki News Articles - Karuna ReikiŽ and the Evolving Human Subtle Energy System by Laurelle Shanti Gaia An excerpt from The Book On Karuna ReikiŽ; Advanced Healing Energy for our Evolving World . Makes mention of "The activation of transpersonal chakras, such as the stellar gateway, soul star, causal chakra, etheric heart, earth star and Gaia gateway" and includes an interesting diagram, showing the location of these additional chakras in the aura.

external link Beyond the Major Seven Chakras - annoitated list of links to pages that mention additional chakras beyond or above the familar seven.

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