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Representation of the aura as it appears in Clairvoyant percveption. Graphic from external link The Meaning of Clairvoyance (posted September 8, 2008 by dnoga322)

Although Clairvoyance is used in parapsychology to refer to Wikipedia link remote viewing (which pertains to the gross physical reality), I prefer to use it to mean perception of objective subtle physical / etheric and astral realities. Just as the physical senses give information regarding gross physical reality, so clairvoyance pertains to perceptrion (via the subtle organs) of objective subtle or imaginal realities.

While Clairvoyance is a subtopic of esotericism, clairvoyance itself is not the same as gnosis. Indeed, it is quite distinct; the two gifts usually being quite unrelated (which is not to deny that they may sometimes occur together). Gnosis is rarer, it is a state of higher individual consciousness. Whereas clairvoyance may occur with any grade of consciousness, from the lowest superstitious level to thr highest Divine Realisation.

True clairvoyance is ideally objective, accurately referring to an external inner or outer world. But such precision is very rare. In most cases, a lot of subjective distortion enters into the experience, and so rather than revealing the nature of the external worlds, it simply reflects back the biases and interpretations of the observer. Max Theon was aware of this fact, and in his researchers took pains to ensure that bias would not occur, through using female sensitives who would speak while the body was in a somnabilistic trance state. It is very unfortunate that so little of Theon's work has been made available, because it seems this would be more reliable and accurate then most of the current Theoosphical and New Age material. This is not to depreciate the Theosophical and New Age tradition of intellectual (Theosophyl) and public (New Age) esotericism, but only to emphasise that it should not be taken too literally.

In the meantime, Rudolf Steiner's opus constitutes the most comprehensive body of observations of the subtle worlds, although unfortunately this is highly coloured by Steiner's own Christian Rosicrucian interpretations, and hence has to be deconstructed and interpreted accordingly.

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