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Simon, an ex-disciple, comments on my description of Mataji

Tue, 13 Jul 1999


Allow me to comment on what you already have about Mataji:

A somewhat embarassing teaching.  My impression of Mataji is that she naive rather than a fake.

Difficult to say, she is certainly aware of her numbered Swiss bank accounts.

Sahaja Yogis claim that all that is required to achieve self realisation (or at least this is what they said when I visited one of their centres some years back) is you put your hand over various chakras and say "Mother, forgive me" a number of times.  This activates the Kundalini.  At the end of all that you should feel a cool breeze over your crown chakra.  If you feel that, it means you're now an Enlightened Being.  Yes, well....

Cool breeze in the hands is also enough. Sometimes, just another Sahaja Yogi feeling the coolness above your head is enough even if you can't feel it. Then you are realised without realising it ;-)

I do not know whether Mataji herself goes along with her devotees claim that she is the avatar of this age.

It is her claim. my replyanchor She is quoted in the 'SY:Facts' website mentioned on the leaflet.

She comes across as a compassionate individual who may have attained some level of higher consciousness.

Again see the SY:Facts website. She can be very cruel for the most petty of reasons e.g. breaking up families if she takes a dislike to the wife.

But consider the following behaviour by Mataji's disciples and come to your own conclusions:

If she really does believe that she is the Goddess, she may think that it is quite right that her followers enrich her.


internal linkAlan: then she is either a gross egotist or incredibly ignorant of what enlightenment is - but there are many sincere but misguided people who are grossly stupid and ignorant.  I am not saying Mataji is one of them - but i have met sincere misguided people in the New Age scene

Simon's reply: There is also the possibility of some kind of personality disorder.

Remember, she doesn't claim enlightenment, she claims to be the Supreme Goddess who created the universe. Enlightenment is knowledge of her.

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