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There are some people who have to be in controol. They cannot stnad the thought of anyone questioning them, thinking for themselves, suggesting a better way of doing things, or in any way expressing their own personalities. For the authoritian personality, only what they say matters, and should be followed as far as the group or organisation goes. They may be totally fine about the rest of world, the most tolerant and compassionate and idealistic person, but when it comes to their own little puddle, they are the big fish that all the other little fish have to obey. As a result, they and their organisations tend to enforce control, and squash independence and freedom.

Not all Intermediate zone gurus are authoritarian. Sometimes it happens that a most un-authoritarian personality will access higher regions of consciousness, and through the charismatic mixed Light or even a genuine Light, attract others. These sort of gurus will have a very easy going group, with few rules. Inevitably they will be supplanted or dominated by a disciple or a partner; this is what happned to Osho with Ma Sheela. And it seems to be what is happening to Gangaji with Eli.

Thus some degree of authority, some degree of strength is good. Authority only becomes bad when it becomes cultic. The definition of a cult, just as the definition of a police state, may well be an unbalanced or misuse of authority

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