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I remember when I first read the Integral University website in 2004 I was very inspired. It seemed like they were talking about something that really represented my idealistic views of getting people together and helping the collective development of consciousness. This is what got me interested in the Wilberian Integral Movement in the first place. I was not and am not interested in passively following Wilber's ideas, but rather in the idea of a community of equals. Some time later,m the website (which was more representative of the idealism of the early Integral Institute) was taken down, and replaced by a holding page. Eventually a new small website was set up; it didn't interest me much. It turns out that the Integral University this is not an actual University at all. external link According to Matthew Dallman, was set up to be a marketing and PR organisation to publicise Wilber's own products. That may be so, and indeed was originally quite negative about Wilber, but it seems that he and his organisation has developed to the stage that they are now making progress in helping to expand the frontiers of academic conservatism, and so should be commended for this. Nevertheless, relative to the New Age movement for examnple, the Integral Movement remains pretty small.

"Integral University" has nothing to do with the Integral University of the Indian city of Lucknow (incidentally, the home of the influential but lttle-known guru Papaji), Uttar Pradesh

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Integral University is a learning community based on Ken Wilber's integral theory.

It provides a number of accredited degrees and programs through partnerships with Fielding Graduate University (including a Masterís program in Organization Management and Development), and John F. Kennedy University, which has an Integral Studies Department explicitly based on Wilber's AQAL system, and will offer with Integral University a Masterís degree in Integral Theory.


external link Integral University

external link Fielding Masters programme in Organizational Management and Development

external link John F. Kennedy University Masters degree in Integral Theory

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