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Single Eye Movement
Single Eye Movement

a nonsectarian collaborative gnostic alternative-media community
"If your eye is single, your whole body will be filled with light" - (attributed to Jesus)
YouTube - Blog - Twitter - Facebook - Website
Evolutionary Landscapes
Evolutionary Landscapes

a nonsectarian blog that explores mysticism, the evolution of consciousness, technology and the future. Draws from many sources, including Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Gebser, Sri Aurobindo, Ken Wilber, and William Irwin Thompson.
Twitter - Facebook
Atomjack - fusion anomaly
fUSION Anomaly. Atomjack

(a huge and fascinating association of ideas)
Robert Searle
Thoughts, and Visions
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Web Site The Telson Spur - A Way Station for Snark Hunters
"A swift caravel rigged for exploring the lee shores of the imagination, The Telson Spur is a jump page or "hub": it carries a cargo of links, mainly to academic resources, organized on the theme of necessity vs. contingency in the study of time and evolution"
includes links on Physics, Astronomy, Solar System, Earth, Life, Man, Ideas, Values, Paths, Concepts, Space, Visions, and more. Excellent!

web pageAnnoitated links site The One behind the Many - The Purpursive Evolution and Involution of Consciousness in the Universe.  Oodles and oodles of links, many of which are annotated.

web pagelinks The MaGI's Gehennom GOO
"below is the living gooey mass which the world wide web and the slithering field of religion have become. tread its depths with care. we're doing what we can to make it navigable and have appended a variety of strangely flavored links to enjoy."

web pagelinks Et cetera - links on science, space exploration, also esoterica

Mark/Space Mark/Space Interplanetary Review - encyclopaedic coverage; includes Anachron City, The Posthuman Issue, Utopia or Bust, Counterculture, Aliens, authors, references, reviews, and links, links, links.  Unfortunately this site is no longer being updated.

Web Site DeepQuest: the ultimate consciousness quest ! - huge list of links arranged in navigable directory screen
"using mind mapping technology, xml and JavaScript for exploring hundreds of web sites in an intuitive way. What is Consciousness? Who or what am I? What is this Universe? What is this experience? Where are we going to? What can I really know?...DeepQuest, the ultimate 'consciousness quest engine' provides you with a tool to explore hundreds of web sites concerning the deepest issues in life, linked together using a unique, non-linear, non-hierarchical way of navigation. "
note -only works with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Web Site - encylopaedic coverage of topics relating to the singularity, artificial intelligence, posthumanism, nanotech, and more; includes links. By the author of The Age of Spiritual Machines

Web Sitelinks MOTHER EARTH CODEX - Your basic site for agriculture, conservation, education, organic, energy and everyday related topics - huge listing of links on various topics

web pageslinks Directory of Links to Alternate Thoughts

web pagelinksGeoff Karlebach - a few interesting links, and several Artigen news tickers

Mindatlas Mind Atlas - links and resources on various topics of religion, culture, etc

Web Sitelinks Leading Edge International Research Group Home Page. Planetary and Social Paradigm Analysis and Discussion - includes heaps of links, and covers various subjects and presents historical and contemporary analyses, some good, others (like material on alien intervention) I find highly dubious. From the index page:
"Contrary to popular social belief systems which portray reality is being mono-dimensional and mono-density, populated by bodies who walk, talk and interact, the nature of reality is quite different and more expansive. Reality is an infinite multi-nested complex of overlapping energies, intents and purposes, within which a "dance" of consciousness and spiritual being occurs....We examine many things on this website, including how subjective social reality perspectives are programmed into a population through cultural paradigms, how these are constructed and how they can be seen through. We examine a lot of suppressed information, alternative reality viewpoints, and add in contemporaneous discussions... on the objective aspects of how realities, both local and general, appear to be laid out, based on experience involving non-local movement of consciousness and being and other sources, for your general evaluation, so that you may relate it to your own experience or use it to further your own experience, in the search for Self and a more accurate picture of reality."

Devolution Devolution - links to various topics

Web SiteAnnoitated links site The Secret Directory - a fast growing world portal about Secrets, Mysteries and the Unknown.

web pagelinks Links to Other Web Sites - a large list of links, arranged according to topic. Emphasis on religions, cults, occult organisations, etc . Part of the Rick Ross anti-cult site

Other Esoteric Links - this is from an older page, see main Esoteric links page for updates

Web Site Transpersonal Semantics, Practical and Mystical Reflections - a beautiful site of contemplative thoughts and imagery

Web Site, De menselijke database - Dutch site with links to various esoteric sites

Web Site Metareligion includes topics about gnosticism, religions, sects, occultism, theosophy and many other things.

Web Site Occult Advances: Advances about the Alchemical Great Work, the Aura, the Tree of Life, the Temple rebuilding in Jerusalem and the Shekinah, the rotation of Elements, the awakening of Kundalini, Yoga & Alchemy, the antediluvian worldwide language of Atlantis ...

Web Site Ma Ka Ra

Makara is a clearinghouse of established and modern, evolving esoteric philosophy of Trans-Himalayan or Ageless Wisdom Teachings as dispensed for modern day through H. P. Blavatsky and A. A. Bailey

Web Site The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought - by Daniel R. McBride - on line thesis

Web Site School of Psychoanthropology - a French-based multiulingual site devoted to spiritual transformation, offering courses and seminars and taught by Selim Aissel. Drawing on such traditions as Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, Krishnamurti, Zen Buddhism, and Sufism.

Web Site The Universal Teaching

"presents the UNIVERSAL TEACHING , the lost initiation of the initiates of the past - which answers all mystic questions"

Web Site Site of The Soul

"Explore the consciousness of The Soul through the cosmology, mythology, and inspiration of Ancient Egypt. Visit The Bookstore, The Hall of Right and Truth, Mammisi or ancient Egyptian Birth House, and an ancient Egyptian Temple. Send an ancient Egyptian E greeting. Lots to discover and explore. Enjoy!"

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