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Reincarnation is the doctrine that after death the Soul, Spirit, or Consciousness takes on a new physical body. The word literally means "to become flesh again". There are many different variations, only a few of which are briefly considered here.

Belief in reincarnation is found in all the religiouns of the Indian subcontinent - "Hinduism" (actually a cluster of religions and philosophies such as Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Vedanta etc which share a belief in the Vedas as a source of authority), Jainism, Buddhism (where it is technically known as Rebirth", because Buddhist rejects the idea of a permanent self or soul that incarnates), Sikhism, and Radhasoami (Sant mat). It is also found among classical Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Plotinus and can be considered part of the Platonic tradition (including Neoplatonism). Reincarnation is also taught in Lurianic and Hqassidic Kabbalah, and some forms of Gnosticism and Esoteric Christianity, and in Alan Kardec's Spiritism (but not in Anglo-American Spiritualism). Blavatsky's later Theosophy (The Secret Doctr9ine) and all subsequent Theosophy taught and teaches reincarantion, it is also found in Hermetic Occultism, Neo-Paganism, the New Age movement, In parapsychology studies, Professor Ian Stevenson has gathered and published cases suggestive of reincarnation. (as a scientist, Stevenson couldn't say this "proves" rencarnation)

The following are some different interpretations

In keeping with the universal or "integarl" perspective, I consider all these interpretations to be correct, but also partial, in that each pertains to a different understanding or interpretation

So the central thesis might be stated as

But it is also the case that

The following layers of the being can be supposed

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