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Nine Wise Men

Doreen C. Muttart (nee Mendes)

Nine qualified individuals
for long service
total dedication
great wisdom.

a sacred entity
a unified body
responsible for many decisions
yet, short-sighted.

Takes orders from above
dictates to those below
in promoting the religion
erects barriers
among believers of its Faith.

The written word
constantly dominates
to be an accepted member
emotions are suppressed
denying who they are.

Families continue to exist
embracing this Faith
but does it really
unite them
or, perhaps, divides them?

A difficult question
various individuals
each a unique island
with depth
blood keeps them together.

Same family
different personalities
like stars
sometimes far apart
is it due to ideology?

Communication is minium
no recognition of human needs
just scars inflicted
for total strangers
to heal!

Meanwhile, nine of you
oblivious of some members' world
around you
demanding, expecting
all in the name of God.

Nine wise men
blind to reality
full of goals
to be accomplished
at whatever cost.

Surrounded by victims
you refuse to acknowledge
especially those children
who have suffered
at your selfish hands!

Now, one of the effects
reveals the truth
that you nine wise men
busy building a World Order
have never asked, "At whose expense?"

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text by Doreen Cecilia Mendes 2003
page uploaded 8 October 2003