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The Age of the Vedas

The Origin of the Vedas

from Wikipedia: (Wikipedia link Vedas)

The historical origin of the Vedas has, however, been debated by both Indian and Western scholars with diverse conclusions. Some believe that the Vedas were transmitted orally for up to 8000 years (see Fisher). Most Western and a few Indian commentators see this as an exaggeration and date the earliest part of the Veda, the Rig-Veda Samhita, to around 1800-800 BCE. However, it is acknowledged by most that the Vedas did indeed have a long oral tradition and were passed from teacher to disciple for at least many centuries before first being written down.

India and the myth of the Aryan Invasion

by Saurav

Intially the aryans have been mentioned as being indo-europeans. This is of course on the basis of the aryan invasion theory. However, recent evidence conclusively indicates that the aryan invasion theory has more of fiction than fact in it. The theory of aryans moving from the central asia into the india and destroying the indigenous dark skinned people seems more of a ploy by British historians like Vincent Smith (author Oxford History of India) and others to discredit the true indian history and make it more apt to maintain their rule over India.

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