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To avoid redundancy, this page is no longer being updated. See New and Updated for all updates


11 January 2009:

New page on Augoeides.

10 November 2008:

New page on Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

Revised main gurus page, but still not happy with it; I no longer am satisfied with simplistic classifications of abusive vs genuine. This whole section needs revising.

27 July 2008:

New page on Books on Nonduality; not as comprehensive as it could be, but better than nothing

Also expanded the New Age module somewhat.

20 April 2008:

Upgraded Intermediate Zone module; including material from Wikipedia, and upgraded index page. This is part of the general upgrade and reorganisation of the Kheper site, in which important topics will be given their own particular section or module. Some modules will share pages - e.g. the Intermediate Zone module shares one page with gurus and another with Sri Aurobindo.

22 October 2007:

Added some book links to New Age index page.

Updated the html of a few Steiner pages - e.g. Levels of self

8 September 2007:

Added Integral Yoga page.

6 May 2007:

Added Sophia's Passion: Sant Mat and the Gnostic Myth of Creation, an interesting essay by Dr Neil Tessler comparing these two esoteric systems.

15 April 2007:

The Book of Abramelin - translator's thoughts - by Steven Guth

25 December 2006:

Added a new section, The Integral Movement / Integral Paradigm (still needs a lot of work)

5 December 2006:

Added Kundalini References by Tony Fearnside; and The Five Gifts of the Root Chakra (essay) by Khalid Malik

6 Novemeber 2006:

Added more entries to Gurus listing, along with a few new pages in that section

4 July 2006:

Gurus glossary of terms added (still need to add more)

16 June 2006:

Added The decline and fall of Ken Wilber

8 June 2006:

Added the following pages by Pat Revels: What is mysticism?, Truth, and The Savior and the Godhead

29 May 2006:

From The Mother's Talks: The "Mental Fortress", and (on the same subject) Subjective Mental Experience and Genuine Experience

8 December 2005:

Modified some of the Ken Wilber pages a bit, and added Wilber - Levels

27 November 2005:

Wouldn't you know it! After constructing the most recent version of the Integral Metaphysics system and adding links from the chakra and Sant Mat pages I was lying in bed in the morning thinking over things, and had a realisation that the Sant Mat cosmology pertains to what I now call the Emanational ontocline, rather than the Concentric one. This allows a unification of Sant Mat and Kashmir Shaivite cosmologies, but means that once again links have to be changed (fortunately not too hard with global search and replace) and pages have to modified. The important thing is that the Integral Metaphysics system is becoming more authentic with each insight and development.

Added Emanational levels, with some material from former Concentric levels page; Concentric levels has been rewritten.

26 November 2005:

Added Higher and Lower Chakras and the very speculative Archetypal Chakras (metaphysical musings). Also (while we're on the subject) fixed up the Transpersonal Chakras page.

Added Insight / Enlightenment levels, but probably need to add more links and stuff.

23 November 2005:

Added Sant Mat / Radhasoami Cosmology

7 November 2005:

Upgraded Vedanta section.

4 November 2005:

Added new material on Ken Wilber's anti-Darwinism and the Integral Movement

21 September 2005:

Upgraded Ann Ree Colton / Niscience section

20 July 2005:

New material

Kundalini by Tony Fearnside

11 July 2005:

New material

The Roots of Findhorn - An introduction to Findhorn, and the little known history behind the establishment of the Findhorn community - by Derek Cameron

The Thymic chakra - the source of "intent" - by John ONeil

11 June 2005

Updated section on Da Free John

4 March 2005

Added the Higher Mind according to Sri Aurobindo (basically just his words with a few comments, and headings so it's easier to read)

15 February 2005

Upgraded Samkhya section

2 - 3 August 2004

Completely revised Philosophy section, including bringing together material from several directories

15 - 16 July 2004

Added new material on Proclus

Upgraded section on Jung

12 July 2004

Updated Buddhism and Tantra sections, with addition of "Exotic India" mirrored pages

25 June 2004

Started New Civilization

18 June 2004

Relocated Paradigms section and improved the layout.

Relocated and revised section on Civilization

17 June 2004

Revised section on Ken Wilber

15 June 2004

Added Sant Mat section

13 June 2004

Upgraded the Unified Science page

4 June 2004

Upgraded the Kashmir Trika Shaivism section

30 May 2004

Upgraded and relocated Person-Purusha section

28 May 2004

Updated Stan Gooch/Total Man page

26 May 2004

Revised the following Cosmic Realities pages - Nature of the All, Temporal Manifestation, and Cosmos

24 May 2004

Added a lot of material to Theon section, rearranged some pages and hope to revise and update the material where appropriate.

7 May 2004

Revised archetypes section

A lot of work on revising the Nature of Reality section, but still more to do

26 December 2003

Revised Gnosticism section.

Local mirror of "The Big Picture" chart

12 December 2003

Austin Osman Spare page modified, with new material and new links

24 November 2003

My definition of Gnosis page modified, with new material and new links

21 November 2003

Upgraded the Taoism pages

16 November 2003

Upgraded the Gurdjieff section with the inclusion of several new eassays by Arvan Harvat

19 October 2003

Reposted Intelligence and the Brain, which was previously a part of the old site

8 October 2003

Added Oh Women, Beware - an essay describing the chauvinism in the current Baha'i organisation, and Nine Wise Men - a poem critical of the Baha'i hierarchical Leadership, both by an ex-Baha'i

1 October 2003

Kheper Encyclopaedia basic page

14 September

The Double - a new paradigm for understanding the human psyche - by Steven Guth

1 September

Transferred and upgraded vegan pages

31 August

Added additional material to Towards a Foundation of a Universal Esoteric Science

29 August 2003

Added Towards a Foundation of a Universal Esoteric Science

Corrected broken links in Meditation section (well, most of them)

26-28 August 2003

Some modifications to Adi Da pages

23 March 2003

Revised the format of a number of pages in the religions section

4 September 2002

New pages on Theon - Pathotism is empathy, and Glossary

5 July 2002

Revised Gnosticism pages, and removed comet cursor from Hermeneutics pages

3 July 2002

Revised general esoteric Topics pages, and fixed broken links and removed comet cursor from Religions pages

30 November 2001

The Subtle Bodies page upgraded somewhat

24 September 2001

Modified and upgradeed Adi Da page - added Problems with Adi Da

8 September 2001

Renamed Astral Physical pages the Emotional Plane, added Mental Plane, upgraded Physical Soul Plane, added navigation tables to each

6 September 2001

Further modified, Physical Plane, Mundane Physical Plane, Etheric, Physical Astral, and Astral Physical pages

3 September 2001

Upgraded and modified Cosmos/Nature of the All, Physical Reality, Physical Plane, Mundane Physical Plane, Etheric, Chthonic, and Astral Physical pages

31 August 2001

Sai Baba page updated, upgraded and converted to valid XHTML

27 August 2001

Sri Aurobindo page upgraded and converted to valid XHTML

13 August 2001

Modified (with a bit of additional material) Egyptian Civilization and Akhenaton pages. Upgraded Antinomianism in the Sabbatian and Frankist movements

11 August 2001

Upgraded with additional material Exoteric, Esoteric, and Levels of Reality

9 August 2001

Upgraded to valid XHTML 1.0 the Esotericism, links, and Topics pages

27 July 2001

Upgraded to valid XHTML 1.0 the following Kabbalah pages - Sefer Yetzirah, Sefer Zohar, Christian Kabbalah, Moses Cordovero, Hermeutics on Translating the Zohar, more on Translating the Zohar.

30 June 2001

Completed upgrade of Gnosticism section

28 June 2001

Upgraded a whole lot more pages on Gnosticism. Coincidentally, it is exactly 3 years since many of these pages were first uploaded

26 June 2001

Upgraded Gnosticism Intro page to XHTML 1.0. (the first validated xhtml page on the Kheper site. Why xhtml, and what's so good about it? external link Here is a page that explains)

Added Gnosticism books page

18 June 2001

Updated I Ching index page

Upfdated Neopaganism page

3 June 2001

Well so much for my short flirtation with pay-per-click programs as a way of raising revenue for helping maintaining of the Kheper Site. The affiliate site I signed up with, Commission Junction, has just announced they will be phasing out their pay-per-click program in favour of pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. So I'm taking the banner ads off my pages. Never felt too comfortable about them anyway, so it is all for the best.

31 May and 1 June 2001

Upgraded Topics Links page (including removing some broken links), added more books to Kabbalah Books page

19 to 21 May 2001

Upgraded Chakras main page, new pages: Chakras books page (complete), Chakras links page (under construction)

17 May 2001

Upgraded Golden Dawn page and Hermetic Kabbalah page

14 May 2001

Upgraded Lurianic Kabbalah page (with new rollover menu selection) and further modified

Tikkun page

13 May 2001

Tikkun page upgraded

5 May 2001

Upgraded pages on Ken Wilber and on Adi Da. Added The Cult of Da? Conversations with a former devotee.

1 May 2001

Upgraded, and added book and video links for, the following pages: Five Elements, Mantak Chia, , Chakra Balncing, Inner Smile.

24 April 2001

Modified the following pages: Akenaten, Layayoga Book Review, Tibetan Bardo, Astral Plane

14 March 2001

Nei Tan page upgraded.

Two new pages - Energetic Pathways - Tan Tien Energy Figure 8 and Energetic Pathways - The Chakra Figure 8s, by Kevin Farrow

8 February 2001

Max Theon page revised and corrected slighly, with a bit of additional material

13 January 2001

Schools of Theosophy page modified slightly, and some new material added.

Alice A Bailey page updated with a bit of extra text, a photo and external links.

12 January 2001

The Absolute and Relative Reality page upgraded to style sheet, html cleaned up a bit, some new links added and broken links corrected

minor modifications made to Famous Vegetarians page, and converted to Style Sheet format

31 December

Page on Energetic Protection (auric healing) added

23 December

Some pages on Theon revised and format altered, and a number of additional pages added

19 December

Broken links on Theon index page corrected

18 December

Taoism links page revised with extra links added, and converted to style sheet format

My definition of Gnosis page modified slightly

12 December

Corrected broken image link on chakras index page. Made the background for the chakras pages a bit lighter (so easier to read the text)

9 December

Coverage on Heart, Shoulder Blades, Thymic (High Heart) and Throat secondary chakras upgraded and revised, with additional material.

Coverage for Base of Throat secondary chakra added.

Page on Secondary Chakras and on Microcosmic Orbit converted to style sheet format.

30 November

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn page converted to CSS, some minor modifications made in the text. Link added to Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram page

Where are all the Christians? - original essay by Suba

23 November

Coverage on Solar Plexus, Diaphramatic/Adrenal and Door of Life secondary chakras upgraded and revised

22 November

Multiple after-life states - a preliminary summing up page modified with links and some additional text

19 November

Some addition material and a further link added to the page on The Hermetic Brotherhood Of Luxor

Hassidism page converted to style sheet (but still incomplete)

I Ching Top link added to I Ching links page

12 November

Upgraded Sri Aurobindo page to style sheet format. Corrected some broken links.

11 November

Added chakras and microcosmic orbit diagram by Kevin Farrow to the Syncrestic Theory of Chakras page, as well as some additional text and style sheet conversion. Added same diagram to the notes on Working with Chakra Energies and Energy Balancing page (with some additional text by Kevin). Added a much overdue Practical section to the contents of chakras main page. Converted Microcosmic orbit page to simple style sheet format.

8 November

Added tables correlating the 64 hexagrams with the 8 planes of consciousness to the metaphysical speculation pages: The Nature of the All and the OmniCosmos

Added the Tetrakys page and slightly modified the Quaternity page

Hermetic Kabbalah / Qabalah page revised slightly

6 November

Some notes on Working with Chakra Energies and Energy Balancing by Kevin Farrow

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