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8 April

A Metaphysics/WorldViews section has just been constructed, although some pages are still be added.  This gives an overview of some fundamental metaphysical alternatives, from materialism to Monism and Emanationism.  Eventually various other pages will be linked back to these definitions, when I get round to revising them - lol!

1 March

A Kashmir Shaivite section has been put up (Monistic Indian cosmology) but it is still sort of rough.  Kashmir Shaivism (also known as Pratybijna and Trika) is an incredibly profound philosophy that explains how cosmic reality and finite existence comes about through the self-limitiation of the Absolute Consciousness

19 February

The Technology page has a table that lists past and possible future technological  developments.  An amalgamation of history, sci fi, and pure speculation.  It is still quite incomplete of course.  I welcome any feedback.

10 February

The Ten Sefirot

A page for each of the Sefirot in the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" has been set up.
The Sefirot of esoteric Judaism (or Kabbalah) and Western Hermeticism (Qabalah)  in many ways represent the macrocosmic equivalent to the Chakras of  Indian Tantra and the modern "New Age" movement.

26 January

A new page on Barnard's Star.

Barnard's Star - click here

4 January 1999

Happy New Year!
Appropriate for this advance to the millenium, I've updated my Cyberpunk section, although it's still extremely incomplete.


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18 December 1998

In an attempt to streamline the site (and shorten the URLs!) I have rearranged some of the directory structure.  Now no URL is larger than four directory layers (previously I had a quite a few at five layers).

The Index page for the Cosmos section has been jazzed up a bit, but still needs heaps of work.  (The subheadings are still totally incomplete)

For those interested in the minutae of the history and evolution of Holy Mother Gaia - our Planet Earth, some more work has been done on the Late Triassic period - Carnian Age page.  This page refers to the time when the Dinosaurs had just evolved, but were still really under the foot of the big Thecodontian reptiles of the time, like this carnivorous Prestosuchid

 I am also revising the Links page

30 November

The Chakras

the chakras
What are the chakras?
What is the historical background of the idea?
What is the "rainbow body"
I am presently revising my section on the chakras -
the centres or organs of consciousness within the subtle body

Systematics and Taxonomy

How do we clasisfy the living world?
what is a species?  what is a class, a phylum, a kingdom?
And why is cladistics the dominant paradgm
in understanding the relationships between living organisms?
This section is also being updated.


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