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29 December

Well I've been really slack and haven't updated my Updated page in months.
And it's almost year 2K
So I thought I should quickly list the major updates in the last three months.
These fall into several categories:


pre- trans- cycle [Ken Wilber]
Ken Wilber section (Transpersonal Psychology) radically expanded and overview of Ken Wilber's involution-evolution Lfe Cycle stages added (but still have to put in correspondences of these stages
with other involution and evolution theories)

Psychosynthesis section added, along with material comparing Psychosyntheisis
with other spiritual and esoteric systems of thought.

Eastern Philosophy

New material on Taoism and Yogachara Buddhism

Science (Biology)

evolutionary biotas
Material on Evolutionary Biotas (change in main eco-systems and lifeforms through time
More material on terrestrial biotas still top be added.

the evolution of Crocodiles
Crocodylia page drastically upgraded -
the evolution of Crocodiles and their prehistoric relatives


worlds within worlds
updated and modified some of my Realities parameters pages

Esotericism and Science (Biology)

A New Zoology - Hermann Poppelbaum
some material by anthroposophist Hermann Poppelbaum presenting a different interpretation
of the nature and evolution of life on Earth.

Despite its many absurdities, and impossblity of taking much of it at face value, the anthroposphical methodology presents the basis for an interesting paradigm for the synthesis of Science and Esotericism


Zeus Theme Index

Zeus internet robot (Search Engine) Theme Index installed (constantly being enlarged)

27 September

New Age page

Updated the New Age section, added new links

19 September

Revised the main Gaia pages


18 September

Web Ring

Set up Gaia Web Ring

14 to 15 September

a guru who is not enlightened
Guru section modified.
There are true and fake Gurus.  Many fake gurus are not necessarly evil or power-hungry, but just ordinary imperfect and deluded people who find themselves in positions of great power and give in to their weaknesses.  There are however also some genuine spiritual Gurus as well.

6 September

Uploaded some material on computer viruses and other topics
I did about one or two years ago for newspapers
(never finished it) and never got round to converting to html

6 September

Oh my God, what were they thinking?
The trials and tribulations of the wise old gamer.

an article on the regretable deterioration in quality of computer games
by Curtis Moore

4 to 6 September

aura and chakras

Added to coverage of Barbara Brennan's review
of the Human Energy Field (Subtle Etheric Body)

28 August to 8 September

Higher Self
Put up Persona/Purusha section.
This enables linking of the quaternity

- person - planet - cosmos - paradigm -

Person is microcosm, Planet in the middle, Cosmos macrocosm, and Paradigm shows that the reality we experience depends on teh way we interpret that Reality, and that all interpretations are valid and partial

13 August to 3 September


A Plesiosaur section has been put up but it is still only half complete.
Plesiosaurs were prehistoric marine reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic era

28 to 30 July


Added Hermeutics section

Hermeneutics means getting hidden layers of meaning out of texts - e.g. mystical nuances from the Bible or the Koran.  This material is mostly from posts from the Donmeh news group.

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