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14 February 2001

Revised my bio page and general about me page, including streamlining the html in the latter.


28 January 2001

Revised the format of my creative writing index page.

26 January 2001

Vajra on the Periphery

Uploaded the opening chapters of my new science fiction novel, Vajra on the Periphery . Do not read it if you find strong language or explicate sex or bodily references offensive! Vajra on the Periphery incorporates a classic theme of our Orion's Arm scenario - a somewhat dark, often opportunistic, astonishingly diverse, galactic civilization in which near-baselines and non-posthuman superiors are at the bottom of the galactic food chain, always at the mercy of inscrutible and unpredicatble transhuman powers that are sometimes kind and sometimes cruel, but always stronger and smarter than they are.


31 December 2000

Subtle Body Energetic Protection

Energetic Protection - original essay by Kevin Farrow on energetic awareness, auric healing and energy balancing.

30 November

Where are all the Christians?

Where are all the Christians? - original essay by Suba

16 November

Future Speculation What's New Page added.

11 November

The Circulation of Light, and Working with Chakra Energies and Energy Balancing

An excellent diagram by Kevin Farrow on the chakras and microcosmic orbit as well notes on Working with Chakra Energies and Energy Balancing helps distinguish between the Tantric chakras and the Taoist centers of circulation of ch'i energy.

8 November

The Tetrakys and Kabbalah

Added the Tetrakys page, which contains some musings on the expansion of the quaternity - the four-fold structure of Consciousness manifests as ten principles - and presents a new (and perhaps rather eccentric) arrangement of the ten sefirot of the Kabbalah


6 November

Esoteric and Metaphysic What's New Page

30 October

Orion's Arm New Page | Gaia New Page

Added the above New pages which will give a more detailed coverage of updates in these local directories. Will add more what's new pages as I get around to it.


28 October

Cyberpunk - how long before it becomes reality? -

All that is required for the Cyberpunk universe to become reality are the following...

(read for yourself)

Some notes on Population for the Orion's Arm scenario

Interstellar colonization and population growth over the next 8000 years (presents a more optimistic alternative to the cyberpunk dystopia - yet who knows how the future will turn out?


19 October

Eurypterid index page

The Eurypterids - also known as "sea scorpions" - were a group of large often amphibious Paleozoic arthropods. They included the largest arthropods ever to live (over 2 meters in length), although most forms were much smaller. These were predatory animals that were probably quite common in marginal marine, deltaic, lagoonal, and swamp environments of the middle Paleozoic era.


17 October

diagram of the nadis

In Indian Tantric thought, the nadis are conduits or channels for the flow of subtle vital force (prana) Together with the chakras, the nadis constitute the subtle or yogic body.


16th October

Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

Introduced by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a necessary preliminary to practically all higher forms of Western Magick. Done properly, it serves as a form of Yoga


14 October

Academic Coronese

What language do Cyborgs speak at the University of Corona in the 10th millenium? Why, Academic Coronese of course! Here is a basic primer in Coronese syntax and grammar.


11th October

Process of involution and evolution, Dialectic of Being and Non-being

Page on the Process of involution and evolution, being and non-being, revised with addition of new material, including some sketched diagrams, speculating on various possibilities of cosmic and spiritual dynamic


4th October

Max Theon index page

Max Theon (Aia Aziz) is an important but little know occultist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The old Theon page has been updated and made into a new section - the Life and Teachings of Max Theon (Aia Aziz), including the symbolism of his pentacle (shown above), his cosmic philosophy, and a little bit of material on the Hermetic Brotherhood Of Luxor, an occult organisation he founded.


2nd October


The Xiphosura or "horseshoe crabs" are an amazing group of arthropods. They are not really crabs at all but distant relatives of spiders (both groups are of arthropods belong to the Chelicerata subphylum); the 5 recent species have barely changed since the early Triassic period, almost 250 million years ago. During the Palaeozoic era Xiphosura were much more numerous and diverse than today, with a number of different groups, almost all of which quite small compared to modern forms, evolving in parallel. Some of these were amphibious and seem to have spent part of their life-cycle on land around and in the swamps of the huge tropical Carboniferous coal swamps.


Mid to Late September

I Ching main page

The I Ching section has just been revived with the addition of some new material. The I Ching (or Yi Jing) is a profound Chinese divinitory system which interprets circumstances and events in terms of archetypal symbols (kua, trigrams and hexagrams) and the alternation of yin and yang.

Colony ship

The Orion's Arm science fiction scenario has a new entry on interstellar colonisation

Thrinaxodon, a non-missing link between reptiles and mammals

Evolution is a constant succession of forms. Creationists (Biblical opponents of Darwinism) will tell you that there are no transitional links between different animal types known in the fossil record, but they are totally wrong. The Theriodonts of the Permian and Triassic period perfectly bridge the gap between more primitive "mamal-like reptiles" and mammals proper.


Early September

Nanotech main page

Nanotechnology - microscopic machines capable of building things with atomic precision - looks like changing the world in ways we cannot even imagine, and in other ways we can,...just! My nanotech pages have just been given a much-needed revamp.


All about Skiiws'nnii, a terraformed world colonised by humans and neo-dolphins - part of the Orion's Arm science fiction scenario.

The Brithopodid Titanophoneus

Long before Tyrannosaurus walked the Earth, the Brithopodid dinocephalians were half-tonne carnivores that ruled the middle Permian landscape. Since they also one of my favourite prehistoric animals, I decided to give them a decent paleontological coverage



Permian Period

My page detailing the Permian period of Earth History has been fixed up, and some new pages added, together with some new graphics and artwork.

Adi Da main page

The coverage of the American guru Adi-Da has been revised

Sabbetai Zevi

A detailed interpretation of the natal chart of the 17th century Jewish Messiah Sabbetai Zevi, according to the astrological principles and practices known to the subject and his circle - by Dr Bryan Griffith Dobbs, Ph.D



The upgrade and renovation of the Kheper site continues, involving conversion to Cascading Style Sheets, and the addition of Javascript



The Pelycosaurs - prehistoric reptiles that ruled the Earth during the Permian period, has been greatly revised and expanded


A speculative essay on sub-subatomic quantum particles called Superstrings, and their implication for the understanding of auras, spiritual healing, and religion and mysticism.

Orions Arm

Orion's Arm, a collaborative sci fi project - the next 8,000 years of galactic histoory, a galaxy ruled by god-like post-singularity Artificial Intelligences, and in which many groups and factions compete for power.

Chakras pages

The Chakras pages are being converted to CSS, as well as general updates

As more sections of this site are revised, upgraded, or added they will be listed here


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