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12 January 2009:

New topics:



15 November 2008:

New topics:



29 July 2008:

New topic:


But still needs lots of work.

3 July 2008:

New topic:


16 May 2008:

Two new directories:




30 April 2008:

New directory - poetry

19 April 2008:

Two new directories:

The Imaginal World.

The Astral Plane and Body.

9 April 2008:

New directory: Reality.

Added further pages to Emanation.

7 April 2008:

New directory: Adhara.

4 April 2008:

New directory: Planes of Existence.

New directory: Emanation.

3 April 2008:

Kheper home page navigation table made more compact.

Added text captions to Esoteric Topics page

19 October 2007:

Added annoitated list of "Integral canon" books to Integral paradigm main page

8 September 2007:

Updated Integral paradigm main page to reflect my current philosophy on all this

7 September 2007:

New section on Esotericism under construction, with material to be transferred from old Integral section (I now distinguish between Esotericism and Integralism; the Integral movement currently contains very little Esotericism)

3 May 2007:

Some new commments on My Definition of Gnosis

Revised and reorganised New Civilization main page with some opinionated comments!

28 December 2006:

A new essay, A Certain Ethical Problem in Esotericism - by Robert Searle

Added a new section, The Integral Movement / Integral Paradigm (although this still needs a lot of work)

4 December 2006:

For a while I've been busy upgrading the whole "Gurus" section, which will include material on both genuine and abusive gurus. There is still a lot of work to be done, including creating a whole new alphabetical listing (here is the page for "a"; very incomplete), but I'm just announcing it here so it doesn't seem like I'm fdoing nothing :-) Of especial interest is the subject of the Intermediate Zone guru, which leads to a whole new understanding of what Enlightenment is, and what many gurus mean when they say they are "enlightened".

16 June 2006:

Added The decline and fall of Ken Wilber

29 November 2005:

Revised some of the integral metaphysics pages regarding the "map of reality" - see concentric and emanational dimensions of consciousness daughter pages - e.g. Esobeing and Inner Being (most of these pages are still incomplete and need a lot of work, some are still just place-holders).

23 November 2005:

Added Sant Mat / Radhasoami Cosmology

7 November 2005:

Upgraded Vedanta section.

4 November 2005:

Added new material on Ken Wilber's anti-Darwinism and the Integral Movement

10 October 2005:

Upgraded Ancient Egypt section

21 - 22 September 2005:

Long overdue upgrade to Ann Ree Colton / Niscience section

16 September 2005:

Added Parameters, a new section, devoted to constructive landcare, by Steven Guth and Tony Fearnside

Added Esoteric Secrecy, essay, by Robert Searle

7 August 2005:

Transfinancial Economics - a proposal that new non-repayable unearned money can be responsibly created without raising taxes - by Robert Searle

20 July 2005:

New material

Kundalini by Tony Fearnside - Kundalini arousal, particularly partial arousal, is more prevalent than usually imagined. It is also a process that is more commonly addressed in occult/esoteric circles than scientific writings; indeed it could be said that medical science shows little appreciation of, nor understanding of, kundalini. And yet it is rarely reported in an objective way, nor discussed openly, so that the student has to glean what he or she can from a variety of sources.

Multi-Dimensional Science - integrating science with mysticism, and religion by Robert Searle

11 July 2005:

New material

The Roots of Findhorn - An introduction to Findhorn, and the little known history behind the establishment of the Findhorn community - by Derek Cameron

The Thymic chakra - the source of "intent" - by John ONeil

11 June 2005

Updated section on Da Free John

27 April 2005:

Added thesis on New Integral Paradigm (page still under construction)

15 February 2005:

Upgraded Samkhya section

July 2004

Added new material on Theory of Everything

Upgraded Involution Pages

3 July 2004

Today and over the last week or two, set up the following sections

Theory of Everything pages


Revised Cosmology Pages

30 May 2004

Established The Kheper egroup / mail list

Kheper Website Authors new page.

Upgraded and relocated Person-Purusha section

28 May 2004

Updated Stan Gooch/Total Man page

26 May 2004

Revised the following Cosmic Realities pages - Nature of the All, Temporal Manifestation, and Cosmos

24 May 2004

Added a lot of material to Theon section, rearranged some pages and hope to revise and update the material where appropriate.

26 December 2003

Revised Gnosticism section.

21 November 2003

Upgraded the Taoism pages

16 November 2003

Upgraded the Gurdjieff section with the inclusion of several new eassays by Arvan Harvat

20 October 2003

Reposted some of my old cyberpunk stories

1 October 2003

Material now on three websites. Some material still to be trabnsferred to Kheper net website

early June 2002

Listings of new, revised, or upgraded pages are now on the seperate Whats New updated pages:

Esoterica Topics - New and Updated

Cosmos, Quantum Physics, etc - New and Updated

Orion's Arm SF Project - New and Updated

Ecognosis - New and Updated

22 May 2002

The Kheper Site is now open for business on the new server! The content that was previously on one site has now been distrubuted across four websites. I will still keep the material on the old site for a while, but have added some forwarding pages. Let me know if you come across any broken links, images not loading, etc


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